Cuben Fiber Rain Jacket

  • The Cuben Fiber Packas are custom hand-made by me in Marion, VA.
  • Cuben Fiber is an extremely lightweight but extremely expensive waterproof, non-breathable fabric.
  • I use the CT2E.08 (.74 oz) weight Cuben usually in drab olive green.
  • The Cuben Fiber Packa is recommended for experienced hikers willing to pay even more money to save yet another ounce or two.
  • Cuben Fiber Packas are also for hikers with custom needs like very large or unusual shaped backpacks.
  • I think the Cuben Fiber would be a little more durable than the 10D nylon.
  • The Cuben Packas do not come with a pocket and are custom made to your size specifications.
  • Cuben Packas cost $300 + $6.50 shipping US and $35 international.
  • Cuben Packas usually take around 3 or 4 weeks for delivery.
  • The Cuben Packa is covered by a limited warranty.

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